Keto-Friendly Thanksgiving Swaps

happy father and daughter sniffing freshly baked thanksgiving turkey
happy father and daughter sniffing freshly baked thanksgiving turkey
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Keto-Friendly Thanksgiving Swaps

With Thanksgiving just a few short days away, you may be throwing together some last minute recipes. If this is your first Thanksgiving on a ketogenic diet, you may be looking for some creative low carb food swaps that won’t sacrifice flavor. While Thanksgiving is largely revolved around carb-heavy foods, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some of your favorite traditional recipes. To make your Thanksgiving recipes keto-friendly, you just need to make a few simple adjustments!

Here are some Thanksgiving food swaps to make your Thanksgiving meal keto-friendly.

Keto Thanksgiving Food Swaps

#1 Pork Rinds VS Croutons or Breadcrumbs: You will likely find bread crumbs and croutons in a ton of Thanksgiving recipes, but these are loaded with carbs and not something you want to be eating this Thanksgiving. So, instead, you can use pork rinds. Try using pork rinds in your stuffing or on top of your green bean casserole. Not only will they add a nice crunch, but they will give your recipes a delicious flavor boost all while being keto-friendly.

#2 Cauliflower VS Pasta or Potatoes: Cauliflower is a keto-dieter’s secret weapon! It can be made into cauliflower mash or even enjoyed in place of pasta. This Thanksgiving, skip the mashed potatoes and make a delicious cauliflower mash adding some heavy cream for added creaminess.

#3 Stevia VS Sugar: Sugar is found in so many different Thanksgiving recipes from the cranberry sauce to the pumpkin pie, so finding a sugar substitute will definitely help cut back the number of carbs you consume this Thanksgiving. Stevia is a great healthy and low carb alternative and can be adjusted to how sweet you like your cranberry sauce or Thanksgiving pie.

#4 Egg Yolks VS Flour: Believe it or not, you can use egg yolks instead of flour to help thicken your Thanksgiving gravy. The only reason flour is typically added to gravy recipes is to thicken up the recipe, so to cut back the carb count, use egg yolks instead. The egg yolks will also make for a creamier gravy that will pair well with cauliflower mash and your Thanksgiving turkey.

Don’t miss out on enjoying your favorite Thanksgiving foods this year! You can easily enjoy traditional Thanksgiving foods by making these simple food swaps. Going to a Thanksgiving dinner party? These keto-friendly swaps are great for anyone, not just those on a ketogenic diet, and they are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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