Amanda S.

United States
Submitted on 02/16/2019

The difference...

Not only did I see change physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Hi, I'm Amanda & this is my Macrofare experience...

A month ago I found myself very unhappy and angry because I had gained so much weight over the last two years. I had gone to a doctors appointment and the doctor had even commented on my weight gain… I knew I needed to make myself happy and work on improving myself. I have tried so many other diet fads and nothing kept the weight off. In January, I started the first 30 day meal and workout plan and I am so happy to say that after 4 weeks I was down 15lbs. It’s such an amazing feeling to eat better and energize and get into better shape. I kept to the meal plan and worked out five days a week. Not only did I see myself changing physically but also mentally and emotionally. I built up my strength, I cut time on my miles and I have actually built up my endurance to run a full mile! It’s an amazing feeling to wear jeans that were tight and gave a muffin top four weeks ago and now they feel perfect!

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