Stacey P.

United States
Submitted on 04/02/2019

The difference...

My coach has been very attentive and provided swaps as I needed!

Hi, I'm Stacey & this is my Macrofare experience...

I have lost about 10 pounds and am not even done with the month! I even traveled last weekend and stayed on track. The menus and grocery lists make the program an excellent choice for anybody who wants to lose weight and be healthier. The recipes are not time consuming and I like that some are used more than once a week. It makes prep easy! The coaching has also been great! My coach has been very attentive and provided swaps as I needed them when traveling and for items I can’t purchase in my area. I will be continuing to use this program until I hit my goal weight which I hope to do by September. Thank you for such a wonderful program!

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