Ockie V.

South Africa
Submitted on 02/25/2019

The difference...

Amazed at the amount of food I could eat, the best thing was the taste!

Hi, I'm Ockie & this is my Macrofare experience...

I retired 10 months ago from a very active life in construction, and participating in sport for 42 years – running, cycling and swimming. After retirement the pace and intensity of life slowed down, and I gained a few kilograms and I felt very uncomfortable. I wanted to go back to my normal weight and I started to do research on an effective diet and lifestyle – not go up and down in weight. Being a marathon runner before, I understood the meaning of Ketosis (hitting the wall) and it made sense to me. I read about your product and what I liked about it was that you took my activity level, the food I liked and my end goal into consideration, and worked out the actual meal plan and recipes for me. My start weight was 87.5 kg, and my goal was 77 kg. I was amazed at the amount of food I could eat, and the best thing was the TASTE of the meals. I reached my goal with 2 days to spare, and I feel great. I am looking forward to a Keto-lifestyle. Thank you so much.

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