Sean T.

United States
Submitted on 07/09/2019

The difference...

It’s been almost 6 weeks since I started and I’ve lost 27 lbs.

Hi, I'm Sean & this is my Macrofare experience...

I work in the refineries and the easiest food to access is from fast food restaurants nearby. I decided to make the change and do the Keto diet because I saw results from co-workers, family and friends. My overall goal is to lose enough weight to quit the refineries, go to college and play football again. It’s been almost 6 weeks since I started and I’ve lost 27 lbs. I feel more energized now than before I started the diet. If there’s anyone struggling with the diet, find the meals you like the most and stick with it. If you’re still struggling, talk with your personal coach. Mine has been encouraging, has given different meals to incorporate into the meal preps, and even shown me exercises.

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